Code of Ethics

Our business model differentiates us from rest of the broker community in terms of professionalism, service quality and moreover the way we closely work wit our valued clients in devising tailor-made solutions. Here other people's efforts end (by selling the plan), at JdV it's a beginning. We work even harder after selling the plan to make sure that you have a hassle free protection and benefits.


The whole truth and nothing but the truth
Own up, don’t cover up
Tend to repeat predefined chunks as necessary


Professionally attired
Hygienically conscious
Politeness (please & thank you / no profanity)


Show up on time
Work a full shift
Strive towards goal
Know your job. Do it well. Be confident.

Improve yourself:

Learn more
Work faster, make fewer errors, cause more applause
Be a better team-mate

Respect others and yourself:

We are equal.
Communicate clearly, briefly and tone-fully
Don’t suffer disrespect

Enjoy the day. Have fun

Applaud others
Be positive