Treaty Reviews...

We provide treaty review and independent opinion to our potential clients and partners. This supports their renewal discussions and to enhance terms.  Our objective covers the following:

Financial review based on last audited financial statements
Risk-taking ability to determine the optimal retention
Strategic plan and objectives of the Company
Structure and priority levels of non-proportional treaties
Treaty terms and exclusions and other factors affecting the day to day use of the treaties

Treaty Restructuring

We work jointly with the Cedent company while proposing various treaty structures, proportional or non-proportional or a combination of both. Our commitment is towards supporting the strategic objectives of our clients. We support in the production of statistics in a manner which is acceptable by reinsurers. As your Reinsurance Brokers we work out your:

Optimal retention levels
Optimal treaty capacity and structures
Achievable commission levels and commissioning terms
Optimal priority level for non-proportional treaties
General terms, conditions and exclusions of the treaties

Treaty Placement

On advises from our Cedent, we structure the present Treaties and approach potential leaders as approved by our Cedent and negotiate terms as per our presentation and slips. We place the Treaties on approval from the Cedent and review the contract documentations.

We have a niche on stand-alone treaties while we are equally an expert on Treaties bouquet, redesign and placement, facultative reinsurance and lead line capacities on specialty risks.

JdV International offers:

Facultative Reinsurance
Quota Share Reinsurance
Proportional and non-proportional Reinsurance
Surplus and Excess of Loss Reinsurance
Catastrophe, individual risks
Stop Loss/Aggregate Protections
Deductible Buy-backs or Buy-downs
Semi-Automatic and Automatic Facilities