Group Medical Insurance

Having a Medical Insurance is a mandatory requirement in Abu Dhabi and Dubai where all residents are required to have medical cover by law. There are minimum number of employees required to create a group policy or having a separate category within the policy. Selected benefits and choosing a network are the key drivers for the pricing of the group policy, in additional to claims experience if total members are more than 100.

UAE government has special medical plans for the locals. For expatriates, Group Medical Insurance plans range from economical standard basic plans to high-end tailor-made world-wide plans. All these plans have to be fully complied with Abu Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD) and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) requirements, subject to residence visa issued by the Emirate.

Our Health insurance teams will be happy to provide you with the best and most economical solutions as per your needs.

Group Life

Group Life insurance is offered by the employers as part of their employee benefits package and it covers for all the employees without going through the hassle of medical examination provided individual sum assured is within the Free Cover Limit. Group Life is similar to Individual Life Insurance but they are more economical and flexible. Core benefits can be extended to cover large sum assured with multiple categories. Key benefits are as follows:

Key benefits are as follows:

Death due to any cause
Permanent Partial Disability
Permanent Total Disability
Critical Illness
Accidental Medical Expenses
Repatriation of remains